Eternal Total Polysaccharides Complex is certified by IASC Terry Laboratories, USA that contains Acemannan (polysaccharides).

Acemannan is a D-isomer mucopolysaccharide found in the inner leaf gel of a plant. This compound has been known to have immunostimulant, antiviral, antineoplastic and gastrointestinal properties. Acemannan is a long chain sugar that interjects itself into all cell membranes. This results in an increase in the fluidity and permeability of the membranes allowing toxins to flow out of the cell more easily and nutrients to enter the cell more easily. This result is better cellular metabolism throughout the body and an overall increase in energy production.

At the gastrointestinal level, the polysaccharides have been shown to act as strong anti-inflammatory agents, neutralizing many of the enzymes responsible for damaging the mucosal wall. This can result in decreased leakiness of the intestinal wall and less absorption of allergic stimulating foreign protein as well as enhancing the repair of the tissue.

  • Cleanse and support your digestive system.
  • Infuse you with energy.
  • Hydrate your skin.
  • Soothe and promote skin renewal.
  • Support your immune system.
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties, especially Candida.
  • Restore normal gastrointestinal bacterial flora.
  • Stimulate intestinal motility.
  • Reduce indication of protein putrefaction in colon.
Active ingredients
  • Acemannan
Product Form
  • Powder
Consumption Method
  • Adult : Add one teaspoon (3gm - 6gm) of Total Polysaccharides Complex powder into a glass of warm water (250ml). Stir and drink it immediately. Take it one time per day before sleep.
  • Children : ½ the dosage of adult.

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