Marine collagen is a type 1 collagen, made of collagen peptides derived from fish. It is characterized by the predominance of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. It has the most efficient absorption of all collagen types.

As we get older, our body’s ability to produce new collagen naturally declines, and with the loss of collagen comes the loosening of the skin, wrinkles, increased cellulite, joint pain, and difficulty gaining muscle and burning fat. The decreased collagen may also lead to increased digestive problems, weakened immune systems, and increased risk of chronic illness. Supplementing with marine collagen which is rich in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline makes more substrates available to combat the natural loss of collagen to slow or prolong the development of these symptoms.

  • 1. Builds bone strength
    As we age, our bones become susceptible to the side effects of collagen depletion. Brittle bones and suboptimal joint function are issues that affect many people over 50. Marine collagen peptides help the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are essential for bone strength. Study data have shown that higher dietary intake of glycine (which is a main companent in marine collagen) tends to have greater spinal bone mineral density.
  • 2. Improves Skin Health
    When we get older, our body’s natural collagen production begins to slow down. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Study have shown patients who supplement with collagen peptides have a decrease in wrinkles, improved skin hydration and firmness and overall skin health.
  • 3. Reduces inflammation and joint pain
    Glycine a main component of amino acid found in Marine Collagen is both a prominent structural component of healthy cartilage and connective tissue and a powerful anti-inflammatory through effects on immunomodulation and the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory activities. Studies have also demonstrated that glycine supplementation was associated with a reduction of symptoms such as inflammation and swelling in some models of arthritis
  • 4. Improves wound healing
    As the main component of the dermal matrix of the skin, collagen is necessary for regeneration of skin after any skin injury or deformation, such as scars, rashes, and burns.
  • 5. Brain health
    Glycine found in Marine Collagen, reduces excessive excitation in the brain thus helps the brain to relax and stay calm and focus. It also helps to improve sleep
  • 6. Stabilizes blood sugar
    Marine collagen, which contains high amounts of glycine, may help balance blood sugar levels, which is especially important for diabetics.
  • 7. Thyroid boost
    Marine collagen helps to boost your liver’s ability to convert thyroid hormone into active T3 thyroid hormone by lowering cortisol levels in your blood.
  • 8. Superior protein source for weight management
    Marine collagen is a pure protein source that does not contain any carbs, sugar or fat. Daily intake of marine collagen may help to suppress appetite by keeping you feeling full longer and thus can help promote weight loss.
  • 9. Antibacterial effects
    Recent research has discovered that peptide fragments, collagencin contained within marine collagen has been found to inhibit the growth of infection and disease-causing bacteria.
Active Ingredient
  • Each 1000 mg tablet contains Marine Collagen 500 mg
Product Form
  • 60 tablets per bottle
Suggested dosage
  • Adult : 2 tablets twice a day after meal.

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