• Cataracts (clouding of the lens), the leading cause of visionloss
  • Diabetic retinopathy (causes damage to blood vessels in the back of the eye), the leading cause ofblindness
  • Glaucoma (a group of diseases that damages the opticnerve)
  • Age-related macular degeneration (gradual breakdown of light-sensitive tissue in theeye)

Hence, other than leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition to keep our eyes functioning properly well, consuming a diet rich in antioxidants may help. For example, taking Eyebright Complex.

Eternal Eyebright Complex

Eternal Eyebright Complex is a 6-in-1 herbal compound that is specially formulated for healthy eyes.

Eyebright extract
  • Composed of 50% tannins, a natural astringent that reduces the secretion of mucus, improves the firmness of tissues, relieves irritation andinflammation.
  • Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, rutin, and minerals zinc, selenium and copper, which have eye nourishing properties.
  • Has powerful antioxidant properties in protecting the skin against premature aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and tighteningskin.
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles and minimize eyepores.
Bilberry extract
  • Resembles blueberries and contains vitamin C, K, phenolic acids.
  • Rich in bioflavonoids especially anthocyanins and polyphenols; antioxidants that protect your eye cells from free radical damage caused by blue light and UV rays.
  • Improves visual function, reduce eye dryness and fatigue.
Wolfberry extract
  • Bright orange-red berry, rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, carotene, and minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron.
  • Supports immune function, vision health, heart, liver, kidney and metabolic function.
  • The high content of polysaccharides and proteoglycans along with carotenoids protects the eyes from UV light, free radicals and oxidative stress and promotes healthy skin.
Gingko biloba extract
  • Contains high levels of flavonoids; provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals, and also terpenoids; improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of platelets.
  • Shows promise in the treatment of glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.
  • A powerful antioxidant in reducing retinal degeneration and improving brain health as well as the colour vision for patients with diabetic retinopathy.
Japanese pagoda tree flower extract
  • Contains two potent flavonoids; troxerutin and oxymatrine which exhibit strong antioxidant activity and has repeatedly been shown to support circulatory system health which will benefit the heart and eyes.
  • Troxerutin also has vasoprotective properties and is a therapy for hemorrhoids.
  • Oxymatrine is known to reduce the swelling associated with unhealthy blood vessels.
Marigold extract
  • Main active components; lutein and zeaxanthins, which are found concentrated in the macular area of the retina, have anti-inflammatory property, and also act as a natural sunblock by absorbing excess light energy, thus guarding the delicate tissues of the eye from UV and oxidative damage.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin cannot be synthesized by the body and must be consumed in the diet.
  • Delays eye presbyopia, prevents and cures pathological changes.
  • Improves the density of macular pigment, prevents macular degeneration and AMD (agerelated macular disease).
  • Helps in people with diabetic retinopathy.
Benefits of Eyebright Complex
  • Mainly indicated for eye health; contains rich sources of antioxidants that can help to protect the eyes from free radicals caused by blue light and UV and provide relief to tiredeyes.
  • Also protect the skin against premature aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and tightening the skin.
  • Supports the immune and brainfunction.
Active Ingredient
  • Eyebright extract, Bilberry extract, Wolfberry extract, Gingko biloba extract, Japanese pagoda tree flower extract, Marigold extract.
Product Form
  • Vegetable Capsules - 60 caps
Consumption Method
  • Adult: 2 capsule each time, twice a day after meal.

As ginkgo may increase the tendency of bleeding, please consult your physician/pharmacist, if you are on or intend to start using any other medicines and before you undergo any surgical/dental procedure.

Contraindicated in pregnant women.Insufficient reliable data in breast feeding women.

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