Liquid Vegetable Soap is sometimes called Liquid Castile Soap. It can be made from a combination of different vegetable oils or single vegetable oil.

In our liquid vegetable soap, we are using a single vegetable oil i.e. 100% pure coconut oil (void of any animal products). Coconut oil is preferred over other oils because, in addition to its moisturising and nourishing benefits, it has antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it is naturally organic.

In addition to the natural benefits of coconut oil, our Liquid Vegetable Soap, does not contain any carcinogenic or hyperallergenic ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate, paraben, or artificial fragrance, which are commonly found in commercial liquid soap. As such, our Liquid Vegetable Soap, is very gentle, safe and suitable for baby and people with sensitive skin. Because we do not use sodium laurel sulphate or other lathering agent, our liquid vegetable soap does not have a lot of lather, however the cleansing efficacy of the soap is not affected.

Here are some ways of using the Liquid Vegetable Soap

1. Natural Shampoo - The liquid vegetable soap gently washes away dirt without stripping the scalp and the coconut milk is nourishing to the hair and helps prevent breakage and hair loss.

2. Natural Body Wash - This moisturizing body wash combines the cleaning power of the vegetable soap with the soothing and antibacterial properties of coconut oil.

3. Natural Face Wash - Your face is your most prominent feature and therefore should be treated with delicate care. The best way to care for your skin is to eat healthy foods and to try to preserve the balance of natural oils your body produces. Using liquid vegetable soap on your face will not strip it of beneficial oils, but will do what soap is meant to do, remove the dirt.

4. Other uses are as natural hand wash, washing dishes and windows.

Active Ingredients
  • 100% pure Coconut oil
Product Form
  • Liquid - (500ml/bottle)

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