Calendula is believed to be native to Egypt and has almost worldwide distribution. There are numerous varieties of this species, differing primarily in flower shape and color. The plant has been grown in European gardens since the 12th century, and its folkloric uses are almost as old. Tinctures and extracts of the florets were used topically to promote wound healing and to reduce inflammation. The plant is listed in the German Commission E Monographs for wound healing and anti-inflammatory actions.

Calendula cream is primarily used to treat skin irritations, bruises, burns and open wounds. Calendula improves neovascularization in tissue, or the growth of new tiny capillaries, which improves blood circulation and helps skin wounds heal. It increases the speed of tissue repair for open wounds as well as for tissue injuries such as sunburn. The cream base has a soothing effect on surrounding tissue to aid relief from itching or pain. Calendula cream has also been recommended to treat minor frostbite.

  • Intense hydration to help comfort sensitive skin.
  • Helps calm skin after exposure to harsh elements.
  • Helps clear, soothe and soften skin.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Helps reduce inflammation andalleviate muscle aches and cramps.
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal.
  • Moisturizes cracked skin.
  • Use to treat hemorrhoids.
Available Formulation
  • Calendula cream in 5g/bottle
  • Warm a small amount between fingertips and gently rub onto the skin as required.

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